Chef Frankie graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a dual degree in culinary arts and business entrepreneurship. She had the opportunity to study abroad in Berlin, Germany. During this adventure she developed a true passion for photography and travel. 


Frankie started her culinary journey at McDonald’s. I mean who hasn’t? She went on to being a Chef at Walt Disney World Resorts. Talk about an upgrade, but not exactly. The commercial kitchen wasn’t what everyone hyped it up to be. She wanted to be her own boss, create her own menu so back to school she went. This time for business entrepreneurship. 


While completing her second degree she was required to create her own business from the ground up. Ah ha! At that moment Frank Station was born.


Frankie took the next two years finding her way back to her true love, exploring the world one click at a time. So now that you guys are all caught up, stay tuned. She’s always in a city near you so book your reservation today.



Bon Appétit,

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